Bring on the Berries!

May 16, 2018

Berry Flavour Ombars

With spring in full swing it’s the perfect time to tuck into our fresh, fruity, berry flavour Ombars. Organic berries and raw chocolate make a heavenly combo. But apart from their delicious taste, what are the benefits of eating berries and why do we put them in our chocolate bars? 

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Healthy Chocolate

Not all chocolate is created equal. The ingredients that make up chocolate and their quality can vary hugely. And while some chocolate on the market is undoubtedly ‘junk’ food, some can indeed be a healthier treat!

Here are five criteria to look for to make sure you’re getting the healthiest chocolate...

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Ombar Easte

Okay, hands up. We still don't have an Ombar Easter egg available. There's just not enough hours in the day! But with Easter just around the corner we wanted to show you a way to make your Ombar chocolate look a bit more festive.

So we’ve put together this simple guide for a homemade Ombar Easter basket, made from a recycled cardboard box. A lovely activity for a little moment of calm, and a great gift with a personal touch!

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Cacao in Chocolate

Chocolate changed from being a healthy, nourishing drink to a sweet confection in the early 1900s. For a long time cacao took a back-seat in favour of chocolate recipes consisting mainly of milk and sugar. But this has all changed in recent years. Cacao is regaining recognition and becoming the hero ingredient of chocolate once again. So how did all this come about?

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Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

Mother's Day is here and it's our turn to look after our mums and show them just how much we love them. So we've put together the ultimate, healthy-yet-delicious breakfast-in-bed recipe to help you treat your mum. Packed full of fresh fruit and superfood cacao this breakfast combination is sure to help start your mum's day with a smile. 

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Boost your Brain

Cacao has many potential health benefits. But did you know that it can help boost your brain? New research shows that cacao can be good for cognitive function (meaning mental processes such as memory, learning, reasoning and attention).

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Ombar Pancakes

To help you get ready for pancake day we’ve put together a quick recipe for vegan pancakes, served Ombar-style...

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Cacao and the Heart Chakra

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we can’t look anywhere without seeing hearts and chocolate. Sure, both are strongly linked to the romantic notion of love. But it turns out that the connection between hearts and chocolate is so much more. Cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) can physically and emotionally open our hearts! So what’s this connection all about?

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The food choices we make can have a big impact on our environment. As we all know, the environment around us is facing increasing stress and damage, often caused by human actions. But did you know that a vegan diet can place less of a burden on the environment in a number of ways? Here are 3 environmental benefits of going vegan...

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Did you know that following a plant-based diet can have benefits for your health? From reducing your chances of suffering from chronic disease to improving your mental health, we've listed 8 health benefits of going vegan. Find out more. Read More