Why choose Ombar raw chocolate?


1. Cacao is amazing.

Science is continuing to unlock cacao’s secrets; we already know cacao contains more than 300 natural compounds making it a very complex food. The ancient civilisations knew cacao was remarkable, we’re just discovering why. Many of these compounds are sensitive to heat, so processing at low temperatures and not roasting cacao means raw chocolate delivers a lot more good stuff compared to regular chocolate. That’s why we keep our cacao raw.

2. We approach our chocolate like a health food.

Just as we know cacao is a healthy food, we think that all the ingredients we use in Ombar should do us good. That’s why all Ombar ingredients are natural and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible.

3. It’s made by people with passion.

Ombar started in a small kitchen, born out of the desire to bring the health benefits of cacao to people by redefining and redesigning chocolate as a healthy food. The same desire exists today and informs everything we do.

4. It’s ethical.

We’re trying to make amazing chocolate that makes people feel good. We want our whole supply chain to reflect the ideals of Ombar so we work closely with our suppliers to ensure everyone, from farmers to exporters, are compensated fairly.

5. It’s organic and vegan.

Some things in life just seem to make sense (at least to us). Not using artificial chemicals on the food we eat is one of those things. Organic food is just better. A plant-based diet also makes a lot of good sense; not just because of the absence of the disease associated with typical non-vegan diets, but also for the planet – it’s the greenest way to live.